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Cruise Girls

Mom, Whitney and I in 2004 went on a cruise in the Caribbean. I talked her into going, I had to have someone over 25 in the room with us.  It was fun.  We locked her in the small bathroom a couple times.  Cruise cabin bathrooms are teeency.  I rigged the shower head so that when she turned it on it sprayed all over the bathroom, “It was out of control… I couldn’t catch it, it was spraying all around like a snake”.  We could hear her shriek and knock up against the walls.  “I got tangled in the curtain and it was sticking to me”. Water was spraying out from under the door, and the place was a mess.
I brought along my walkie-talkies so we could keep in touch.  Mom didn’t really get how to use them. She couldn’t turn the volume down, or be on the right channel, so it was a good opportunity to see what I could get her to do. When we were out at a port, in a busy shopping area, I wandered off and watched my mom from far away.  When she was talking to vendors, or other cruise-goers, I would make embarrassing noises and say “excuse me” loudly in my walkie.  She didn’t know how to make it stop.  She would try to explain that it was her kids, but it just made it look worse.

Then, I would listen to other channels to see what other cruise passengers were using, then change mom’s to that channel.  She ended up talking to two little kids, thinking they were me and Whitney, and they thought she was their mom.  She told them to meet them on deck immediately.  When their real mom found out, she wasn’t too happy about it.  Oh Kimberly!

PS. Look at Whitney’s dress…. mom colored in her cleavage with a Sharpie because it was too scandalous!  All of the pictures with this dress mom has destroyed or colored in.  My dress was Whitney’s modest homecoming dress.

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