She let it slip

Okay, this story is funny. Mom was sitting down on the couch watching tv with her leg up on the arm rest sprawled out. Probably eating popcorn. She heard someone come down the stairs, thought it was Duke and nothing more. She felt something hit her in the head, ignored it…then again and again. She threw some popcorn back at him, looked back and he was hiding behind a chair. This went on for a few minutes then mom thought she’d be funny and let out a huge LONG fart. It was silent for a minute, then she heard giggles from behind her. She looked back, and Duke was crying he was laughing so hard. “What’s so funny?” she said. Then, Khaled, Duke’s friend popped his head up from behind the chair. “Oh my gosh!” she whispered, then got up and sprinted up the stairs, into her room and shut the door. She was mortified. She could never look him in the eyes again.

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