Here’s a couple, you may have already seen and poor quality.  She doesn’t know I’m filming any of these…. more to come.

Jerking again… this time Harry tells her to stop

More Brick House Magic

Poppin those bubbles on Kinect

She has such a good voice

Freestyling.  “Good and Plenty…. m&ms… Good and Plenty… m&ms… what’s down with that?”

Told her we were playing “Dancing Charades”… never done that before, don’t even know if it exists.  She pullled out this move after she did the running man.

Teach her how to jerk

Doing the “Stanky Leg”

Trying to describe “Face to Face” when playing Catch Phrase

Saying “Wayne Grisky” to describe hockey puck.

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  1. Krisser says:

    i have watched wayne grisky about 15 times.

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