The family goes to Las Margaritas a lot.  They know we need extra salsa for mom to drink, and to keep the chips flowing.  Mom gets nervous around anyone with an accent and always does something worth watching.  Our waiter brought out our food, and mom was having fajitas.  He’s got the hot sizzling plate in his bare hands and needed somewhere on the table to put it.  He looked at Kimberly and asked her to move something.  She looked at him with a big grin, put out her hands to grab the plate. He said “Hot plate” and tried to find a place for it.  Mom put her hands out again to get it, said “yes” and he pulled his hands back. This went on for quite a while, she going to grab it, and him pulling it back so it wouldn’t burn her, saying“hot plate”. She, as usual was not paying attention and didn’t understand him. At this point he was juggling the plate like a hot potato and was ready to drop it. He asked her again to move something… “Yes” was all she said and stared at him. We were all laughing and finally Dad reached over and moved the empty basket of chips and salsa away from her and the waiter was able to put the hot plate down.  “Oh… Thank you.” she said to the guy.

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