Put a Sticker on It

My Dad was always on Mom’s back about babying us kids. She worried too much, and she needed to let the kids be kids.  Whitney came running into the house one day crying and holding her arm.  Someone had pushed her off a wagon and she had a red bump on her arm. Mom went to the phone to call dad, but hesitated and feared she would get another lecture.  She told Whitney she could lay on her bed and “Don’t worry, we’ll put a sticker over the bump and it will feel all better”.  Whitney whimpered for the next 4-5 hours, and mom let her be.  Dad came home and asked Mom how the day went, she said it was good, nothing out of the normal.  He went to his room, saw Whitney and came back out and asked what happened.  “Someone pushed her off the wagon, she started crying so I put a sticker on it.” she said.  “Kimberly, it’s broken!  It’s swollen and has a huge bump on it!”.  Sure enough, it was broken, mom felt bad.

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  1. Whitney says:

    Correction: I was actually pushed off a gocart by you Katie.

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