Pink Taxi Cab Confessionals

Kimberly drove a pink 1981 checker taxi cab for most of the years I grew up. It was cool. License plate said “BUBLGUM”. It had jump seats in the back that were like bouncy chairs.I thought I was TS every time she would pick me up from school. The doors would swing open every time we took a sharp turn, and there was a hole in the floor board just in front of the driver seat. You could see the street beneath it and mom would drop pop cans and garbage through the hole. One time she dropped a pack of gum, by mistake and it went down the hole while driving down Bellevue Way. She gasped and stopped the car to turn around. I screamed “IT’S A PACK OF GUM!!!!”. She then said quietly “Okay. I guess I can live without it.”

Other times, while driving at the airport, she had people trying to get in for a ride. She had to explain it wasn’t real, just her regular car. People didn’t get it.

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4 Responses to Pink Taxi Cab Confessionals

  1. Megs says:

    Duke looks so gangsta in this pic

  2. Krisser says:

    what?! i didnt know this!!!

  3. Amanda says:

    You’re mom is now by far the coolest mom alive!

  4. Jeanette Lefrandt says:

    I miss Bubblegum!! And your family!! So many fantastic memories!! haha I still think of your mom when I pass McDonalds… “McDonald’s is my favorite place…” haha that song!!

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