Packing Peanuts

Kimberly eats popcorn. TONS of popcorn. There was a time where she’d go through at least 4 bags a day. Well I’m not sure whose idea it was, but we thought it’d be funny to see if we could sneak in some packing peanuts into her popcorn bag. We got a little carried away, and emptied almost ½ of the bag and filled it back up with packing peanuts when she wasn’t looking. Granted, she was watching TV, but she ate the whole bag without flinching! Packing peanuts!!! We didn’t tell her until a while after, she got pissed, and didn’t believe us. How do you not notice?!

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  1. Krisser says:

    this is my favorite.

  2. alena says:

    Oh man, there is no way to describe how much and hard I just laughed at packing peanuts. Let’s just say, it involved a baby being flung off my breast, milk spraying everywhere, and something snorting out my nose. HA! I love this website.

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