Nose Picker

She’s got to learn things that work for others won’t always work for her. I guess mom saw my dad’s reaction once to a road rager. Instead of flipping him off, he pretended he was picking his nose obnoxiously. So mom one day, driving by herself, cut someone off. This guy wasn’t happy, he sped around her and she thought she’d give dad’s technique a try. Of course when she does it she exaggerates it insanely. Well she’d messed with the wrong guy. He got behind her and followed her around town. She was freaked out. She tried losing him in residential areas, but he was right behind her. After about 45 minutes she drove to the police station and parked right outside the doors. It worked, and he finally drove away.

She ignores the honks and taunting now, unless she thinks it’s me.

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