Mommy Mardi Gras! WhOOOoooOO!

Kimberly, Whitney (my sis) and I were in Tampa, Florida a day or so before we embarked on a Caribbean cruise.  We drove around town trying to find what’s hot, and mom thought she was funny calling the locals “Tampons”.  I’m sure they’ve never heard that before. “Look at those Tampons… oh there’s a BIG Tampon!”.  We got a little lost, and ended up stuck in traffic.  We parked the car and decided to walk around for a while.  It turns out the traffic jam was caused by Tampa’s Mardi Gras festival, and I guess it was a pretty big deal.  I didn’t know they had big parades and parties outside of New Orleans, but the whole town was shut down and people were ready to party.  We followed the crowds and ended up in the middle of the parade.  It was more kid-friendly than New Orleans, but people were still dressed ridiculously and acting stupid. Suddenly, Kimbo caught the sparkle of the beaded necklaces being thrown out to the crowd and she went wild! She pushed her way to the front of the crowd, nestled her way in between two 5 year olds and started screaming and whistling, vying for the attention of the men and women on the floats.  They would throw beads out to the children, and mom, being much taller, would steal them before the kids could grab them.  I backed way up and didn’t want to be associated with the crazy bead stealing lady.  She moved around to other spots to see if they gave out more there.  Whitney and I had had enough for the night, but it took forever to peel mom away from the excitement.  She ended up with pounds and pounds of beads… she could barely fit them all around her neck, so she had some around her wrists and arms. She lost her mind that night and got caught up in all the madness.  She blended in with all the other “Tampons”.  I guess it was a good thing we weren’t in New Orleans… who knows what she would’ve done to get necklaces there!

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One Response to Mommy Mardi Gras! WhOOOoooOO!

  1. Katie says:

    Now come on Katie,I only grabbed the beads that were thrown above those little girl’s heads.It’s their loss that they weren’t a little taller and that they didn’t jump a little higher!

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