Melons Up!

Kimberly was in charge of getting food for the church’s ward youth conference one year.  She went to Costco to pick up a bunch of stuff.  She stopped by produce first.  She walked over to the huge cardboard boxes of watermelons and picked out 7 of them.  The boxes were kinda empty so she had to really juggle and dig for them.  She picked out good ones, then headed off for other items.  She saw a couple people she knew, stopped, talked for a while then kept on going.  She got up to check out, where she says there were two young “hot” guys helping her.  They kept looking at each other and laughing, looking at her, chuckling…. so she thought “I’m so funny!!  Man, I’m on a roll” as she was making jokes and chatting up a storm.  She left feeling pretty darn good about herself, got out to the car and started loading it up.  As she was picking up one of the heavy boxes she looked down and noticed a sticker on her shirt.  It was a sticker from one of the watermelons that said “Melons Up!”. It was “perfectly placed on my boob, right smack in the middle.  It looked almost like I put it there myself”.  Oh Kimberly!

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