Kim In HD

I got my mom these HD Night Vision Glasses a while back as a joke.  I think it was after she was driving my sisters and I down to Gig Harbor one rainy night and we almost died.  She’s a baaad night driver.  Especially in the rain. Especially when I’m in the car. She says I make her nervous.

Anyway, I forgot about the glasses.  The other day she asked me where I got them.  “I think it was at Bartell’s. Wait…  WHYYYYY?”.  I couldn’t imagine why she would want to know.  These glasses are the weirdest looking things.

“I LOVE MY GLASSES.  I wear them every night on the way home from Maple Valley.”  She said.  “I’ve been raving about them in my Weight Watchers meetings and everyone keeps asking me where I got them.”  I can just imagine her driving down the road now, in her silver 2004 Ford Taurus, the one with the matte grey patch on the back bumper, with those stupid yellow glasses covering half of her face.  At night.

Now there’s gonna be hundreds of ladies leaving Weight Watchers in the Seattle area with yellow shades on.  I feel responsible for this trend, and I’m sorry.

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