Indecent Exposure

We were at  Disneyworld, on Epcot’s Journey Into Imagination ride. I can’t remember who it was, probably Duke, but we had an infant in the group and he was getting hungry.  Mom was relieved, finally a private dark place where she could feed him. She pulled her shirt up and let the baby go to town.  We turned the corner, and FLASH! The camera goes off.  Oops! She didn’t even think to cover up, with it being dark and all.  We got off the ride and went over to the HUGE crowd of people standing in front of the monitors looking at the pictures taken.  The picture captured EVERYTHING.  She had it all hanging out.  She started covering up her goodies, no matter how safe it felt from then on.

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  1. lauren lefrandt says:

    haahahaaa this is too funny-how in the world does something like that happen..

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