Gullible Girl

Duke, mom and I were getting lunch the other day. Duke looks over at me then says, “mom, I’ve been wanting to tell you this for quite a while now but I’m afraid at what you’ll say….”. He paused then said, “I’m gay.” We sat there silent for a while, letting it sink in, and I had to turn my head away so she wouldn’t see my face wincing.  She just sat there for a minute, giggled a little bit, looked at our blank faces and says “Katie, did you know this?” I told her I’ve known for a while, then she says, “Duke, I don’t know if I can believe you or not, but know I’ll love you no matter what”. We had her convinced for a few hours that he really was gay, and every now and again I see her looking at him like she’s trying to figure him out.

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  1. That’s just mean….your poor mama 🙂

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