Gracie Cookies

9 months pregnant with her 8th child, mom was ready to pop.  A week before Grace’s due date,  Dad took all the kids to church to let her rest. She got a craving and breaks out the Keebler’s Fudge Stripe cookies… our treat if we were good at church. She goes to town on those bad boys.  Scarfing like crazy.  Before she knows it there’s only  two cookies left, and crumbs all over the place. Oops! (How is that possible!?) She decides she should leave the two cookies in the box and put it back in the cupboard so it looked like nothing happened.  The kids got home from church and were devastated that the cookies were gone.  Where could they all have gone? She fessed up, and we looked at her in disgust.  We fought over the last cookies and went about our day, then went to bed.  She wakes up a couple hours later cramping and had “the worst diarrhea of my life”.  She’s never been early before, always induced, so she didn’t know what was happening.  She wakes my dad up and they go to the hospital.  She was in labor.  Grace had the cord around her neck, she pooped on the way out and got some in her mouth, and they found that she had something messed up with her sugar levels.  Uh, oh… she’s caught. Is this my fault? She thought the cookies were behind her, but now she had to ask the doctor a question.  “Hey, would it matter if I ate some cookies yesterday?”she said.  “Probably not, how many did you have?” he asked.  Embarrassed, she said “A couple.”  “More than three?” he asked. “yes”… “five?”  “yes more than five.” “Well how many?” he asked.  “uhhh… 22.” She said quietly.  He couldn’t believe it, and laughed sooo hard.  He had delivered 7 of her 8 children and knew this woman was serious. Turns out Grace was okay, they just had to stabilize her glucose levels.  For the next couple days, Mom would catch nurses peeking into her room and giggling.  Wow Mom, that’s messed up!

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