Going Up?

Kimberly had a job as an elevator girl at a hotel when she was 17.  She would stand in a smoky elevator and push the buttons to the floor where you wanted to go.  She did it for 2 years.  Very exciting and challenging.  She did such a good job at it that she got promoted to an old fashioned switchboard telephone operator.  She was sooo excited.  About a month into the promotion, she messed up big time.  She accidentally connected a wife calling in with her husband, who happened to be on the line already with his mistress.  I guess the husband got upset and went to management, his wife heard everything he had been hiding.  Kim found herself back in the elevator the very next day. 

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One Response to Going Up?

  1. alena says:

    this story would be even better if she had done that on purpose

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