Flippin Off

I think it’s funny to flip my mom off. I do it all the time. Immature… maybe, but this isn’t about me. One day she thought she was going to get me back. She’s driving through our neighborhood one day and spots my car coming down the street. She stops on top of one of the huge speed bumps, sticks up both of her middle fingers, sticks her tongue out, and waves her fingers around. It took her a while to realize that it wasn’t me. It was the old couple that lives a few houses down from us. They slowed down for the speed bump and watched this strange woman being a complete idiot, then drove away. She was mortified. How was she going to explain this? “I thought you were my daughter?”. Once again, she dug a hole she couldn’t get out of. How did she not see that the car was a different color, make and model than mine? No Utah plates, and two people in the car. She decided it was best just to avoid them, and not say anything. Oh Kimberly!

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