My friend had a life sized, very realistic dummy that we used for all sorts of things.  He had a beard, and we dressed it in all black, with a black beanie and put him in Kimberly’s bathroom. He was up against the wall so when she walked in she wouldn’t see him at first and he looked like he was hiding.  She came home, and didn’t go in her room for quite a while.  We waited and waited.  I tried everything to get her to go in there, but she didn’t bite the bait.  Finally I told her I needed an Advil or something, and that I didn’t know where it was.  She went to go get it. We sat in the family room and we heard a high pitched, but not very loud “who is that?”.  It got louder “who is that!?”. She ran out of her room and out the front door.  She repeated over and over, “Who is that!? What do you want?” very high pitched but not too loud.  We were all laughing so hard, and she still didn’t get it.  We had to bring out the dummy and show her before she’d come back in.

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  1. Whitney says:

    She did the same thing when a bird flew in the house. She left all of us in the house at the table including a 6 month old baby. She screamed “Whitney, you’re the animal lover, you get it!” as she ran out of the house. She called one of Dad’s friends to come get it out of the house because he was out-of-town.

  2. Your poor mom! I love these stories though! Keep them comin!

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