Save the Children

I had got myself into some big mess at school. I was supposed to write about a big event that changed my life. I did what I do best, and made it up. I wrote about how I had gone to Africa to help the starving children. I mentioned Jane, a family friend who had actually gone to Africa to distribute toys a few years earlier. I don’t know why I put her in the story, but I thought with names it would sound more legit. Well as it turned out, my English teacher knew a Jane who had done the very same thing. She approached me about it and asked if it was the same person. It was the same person. I was caught off guard and told her it was someone else from California that I knew and denied the whole situation. I was all worried that my teacher was going to talk with Jane and they’d connect the dots and call my bluff. I told my mom about it and she suggested that I come clean about the whole lie and just write her a letter explaining the whole thing. I didn’t want to, so she wrote it and pretended it was me. I still don’t know what the letter said, but from then on I was my English teachers favorite student and still get emails here and there from her. Thanks mom!

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