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Gullible Girl

Duke, mom and I were getting lunch the other day. Duke looks over at me then says, “mom, I’ve been wanting to tell you this for quite a while now but I’m afraid at what you’ll say….”. He paused then … Continue reading

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You betta Belize it

Mom, Whitney and I in 2004 went on a cruise in the Caribbean. I talked her into going, I had to have someone over 25 in the room with us.  It was fun.  We locked her in the small bathroom … Continue reading

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Gets her every time

Some people think we’re mean to our mother, maybe a little.  It’s all in good fun.  When we were little, dad always had a carabiner with strap attached to the front passenger seat headrest of his car to keep his … Continue reading

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Bare Butt

When Kimberly emails she is totally consumed by it.  We’re talking tunnel vision, tuning out the world.  Duke (my brother) thought it would be funny to see how close he could get his bare butt to her face before she … Continue reading

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One time I tricked my mom into doing a STUPID photo shoot.  Here is some of that magic…

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Packing Peanuts

Kimberly eats popcorn. TONS of popcorn. There was a time where she’d go through at least 4 bags a day. Well I’m not sure whose idea it was, but we thought it’d be funny to see if we could sneak … Continue reading

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