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Put a Sticker on It

My Dad was always on Mom’s back about babying us kids. She worried too much, and she needed to let the kids be kids.  Whitney came running into the house one day crying and holding her arm.  Someone had pushed … Continue reading

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My Grandpa Englund was a fun guy, but reserved and not very touchy feely.  He was sitting in his chair with a group of people and Kimberly was standing behind him.  She started telling a story, getting real into it, … Continue reading

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Brick House

Mom asked the other day what song I would want to play when I walked in the room…I don’t know.  She said “Brick House” has always spoke to her and she thinks it would be perfect for her theme song.  … Continue reading

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Mom was in the car with the boys and their neighbor friend.  They were probably 12-14 years old.  Chris, the neighbor friend, was sitting up front next to Kim and was talking to the boys about something.  Kim wasn’t really … Continue reading

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Walking in her Shoes

One time when she was visiting me at work in Utah, my co-worker and good friend Jamie noticed she was wearing two different shoes. She didn’t tell me until my mom went outside, so I had to see for myself. … Continue reading

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She let it slip

Okay, this story is funny. Mom was sitting down on the couch watching tv with her leg up on the arm rest sprawled out. Probably eating popcorn. She heard someone come down the stairs, thought it was Duke and nothing … Continue reading

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Gleam in your Eye

Kimberly says that it was “cool” to put Vaseline on your eyelashes when she was a kid.  That it made them shine and look longer.  All the cool older girls did it.  I don’t why they would,  maybe mascara wasn’t … Continue reading

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Kimberly loves antique shopping.  What older woman doesn’t?  She and a friend went to a shop downtown and were quickly overwhelmed with all the treasures.  Kim turned around to look at some more stuff when her purse swung and smacked … Continue reading

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Going Up?

Kimberly had a job as an elevator girl at a hotel when she was 17.  She would stand in a smoky elevator and push the buttons to the floor where you wanted to go.  She did it for 2 years. … Continue reading

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Pens and Glasses

One time when my mom was talking to the bishop at our church and he had to write something down.  She reached into her purse and pulled out what she thought was a pen and held it straight up and … Continue reading

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