Kimberly loves antique shopping.  What older woman doesn’t?  She and a friend went to a shop downtown and were quickly overwhelmed with all the treasures.  Kim turned around to look at some more stuff when her purse swung and smacked a very large vintage Tiffany lamp to the floor.  It shattered into a million pieces.  Mom’s friend bolted out the door and left her in the dust.  The lamp was easily at least $200, well over her budget for the trip.  She turned on the charm, probably mentioned the 8 kids at home, and got the shopkeeper on her side.  He admitted he had been mentioning for some time that the place was too cluttered and that they should have not had the merchandise so cluttered and in the way.  Now I know the true reason my dad doesn’t like going to those shops with her.  She is a hazard to be around.  Why does stuff like this happen to her ALL THE TIME?!!

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