Kimberly Ann Barrus was born January 16th, 1961.  She prefers Kimberly, not Kim.  She was adopted.  She grew up in Spokane, Washington.  As far as she can remember, she has had the most bizarre, unfortunate, and silly things happen to her.  She met my dad, Tad Englund on a blind date.  They went ice skating. They were married in 1980. She is gullible, forgetful, nervous, and silly.  She has 8 children, and doesn’t like to cook.  She makes friends where ever she goes.  She was once best friends with the girl at the Wendy’s drive-thru.  She gets mad if you wake her up when she’s “watching TV”.  Kim snorts when she cries.  She works at Weight Watchers as a Meeting Leader.  She does 6 hours of work and gets paid for 2 of them.  She’s kind and thoughtful.  One time she made leopard stirrup covers for all the patients chairs at her gynecologists office.

Kimbo loves Juicy Couture, Lulu Lemon, The North Face, designer jeans, and Diet Dr. Pepper. Her children love her dearly and would never do anything to embarrass or anger their mother.

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