Bare Butt

When Kimberly emails she is totally consumed by it.  We’re talking tunnel vision, tuning out the world.  Duke (my brother) thought it would be funny to see how close he could get his bare butt to her face before she noticed.  He pulled a chair up beside her, stood on it and inched his butt closer and closer to her face pretty slowly.  He was probably 2 inches away from the side of her face when she finally noticed.

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2 Responses to Bare Butt

  1. Oh man, I wish you had the real pictures. That is too funny. My mom would have killed me if I had done something like that. And she would have killed me again if I had reenacted and posted photos. And then she would have killed my already twice-killed body again if I had blogged about it.

    You’re killing me. Softly. Not like my mom. And that’s the truth.

  2. Amanda says:

    What did Kimberly do?

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