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Prize Winner

A couple years ago, Kimmy decided it was time to start over, get back on the wagon and start dieting and working out again.  That day started out a great day, and she was really feeling good about her progress. … Continue reading

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Power Walker

She swings her arms high and strong when she walks.  She knows it bugs me.

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Save the Children

I had got myself into some big mess at school. I was supposed to write about a big event that changed my life. I did what I do best, and made it up. I wrote about how I had gone … Continue reading

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Walking in her Shoes

One time when she was visiting me at work in Utah, my co-worker and good friend Jamie noticed she was wearing two different shoes. She didn’t tell me until my mom went outside, so I had to see for myself. … Continue reading

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Comeback Queen

When Kimberly gets mad she is funny. She gets all flustered and the best things come out of her mouth. “Does that make you feel like a man?” is a popular one, or “did something happen at school today?”.

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She let it slip

Okay, this story is funny. Mom was sitting down on the couch watching tv with her leg up on the arm rest sprawled out. Probably eating popcorn. She heard someone come down the stairs, thought it was Duke and nothing … Continue reading

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Gets her every time

Some people think we’re mean to our mother, maybe a little.  It’s all in good fun.  When we were little, dad always had a carabiner with strap attached to the front passenger seat headrest of his car to keep his … Continue reading

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Gleam in your Eye

Kimberly says that it was “cool” to put Vaseline on your eyelashes when she was a kid.  That it made them shine and look longer.  All the cool older girls did it.  I don’t why they would,  maybe mascara wasn’t … Continue reading

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Worst Nightmare

Kimberly has had a reoccurring dream since she was a child.  If anyone can translate this one, it would help her tremendously.  She’s being chased by ghosts, they shoot her in the butt and all her teeth fall out.  The … Continue reading

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Kimberly loves antique shopping.  What older woman doesn’t?  She and a friend went to a shop downtown and were quickly overwhelmed with all the treasures.  Kim turned around to look at some more stuff when her purse swung and smacked … Continue reading

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